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Sony PS4, Xbox 720 coming this year!

This is about to be one hell of a year in the gaming world. Both the xBox 360 AND PlayStation 3 successor will be shown in E3 2012 (rumor of course ). This year E3 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 5th to 7th [source].

The interwebs are blowing up with places claiming that the next gen systems are no-doubt  going to be debuted  in this upcoming event in June.

It will mark the very first time in the show’s 17-year history that three fresh, rival console formats will be so directly comparable.


There seem to be many claims about Microsoft and Sony saying that they would release these two consoles around E3 time this year. “Microsoft unleashing their new console at the end of 2012, and Sony has said numerous times that they don’t wish to be last to market in the next generation.” But what if this is all nonsense. Perhaps too good to be true? Mhmm could be.

There are already blogs out there try to calculate the potential price of these systems. I would say it’s a bit early, and both Sony and Microsoft have obviously not commented on the price yet.

Besides a tech contributor writes that according to videogame analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities, this is simply not going to happen.

“I think there’s zero chance of a tease from Sony for PlayStation 4 and only a 20 percent chance from Microsoft that they’ll tease the next Xbox,” said Pachter. “Neither console is launching in 2013, so there’s no reason to tease them in 2012.”

-Michael Pachter via

I hope that this E3 something brilliant is released, though the odds seem very slim.
Let us know in the comments what you think.

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Google Plus gets a large portion of Googles overall traffic

Google Plus Logo

Google Plus Logo

According to [a website which gives stats like traffic about different websites] around 6.88% of Googles total traffic is coming from the subdomain That’s insane! Considering gets over 200 total million views, around 13,600,000 of them are for Google Plus. So looks like Google plus is catching on! If you’re on G+ maybe give me a follow.

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View every single one of your tweets.

You might be in a strange situation where you need to get rid of [or simply view] every tweet you have ever tweeted… Well you could do it the old school way and scroll through your own profile, but that could take years!

Solution: – Simply enter your twitter user handle, and click “GET TWEETS.” The rest is history.

Always keep in mind the golden rule of the internet:

If you don’t want anyone to see it, don’t post it you n00b.


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Teux Deux – A To-Do web app that works

Teux Deux is a To Do web app which is simple, easy, and beautifully designed. Unlike the millions of other applications; teux deux has very few features. It displays a weekly view, with a simple click-and-type interface.

TeuxDeux is designed around my personal work-flow and preference of how I like my to-do’s organized. As I pretty much ‘live’ in the browser, I have it set to be my homepage, so, every time I open a browser window (which is every few minutes) I am being hit over the head with what I need to get done, which has proven to be very effective.

Via Tina Roth [developers] blog.

Along with the web site, they also have an iPhone application which will cost you $2.99. I’m a heavy user, so I thought the purchase of the application was well justified. And just like the website, the iPhone app is similarly well designed.

Conclusion: Teux Deux is a very efficient and effective way of managing mini tasks, or your entire day. A definite check out.

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