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View every single one of your tweets.

You might be in a strange situation where you need to get rid of [or simply view] every tweet you have ever tweeted… Well you could do it the old school way and scroll through your own profile, but that could take years!

Solution: – Simply enter your twitter user handle, and click “GET TWEETS.” The rest is history.

Always keep in mind the golden rule of the internet:

If you don’t want anyone to see it, don’t post it you n00b.


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Teux Deux – A To-Do web app that works

Teux Deux is a To Do web app which is simple, easy, and beautifully designed. Unlike the millions of other applications; teux deux has very few features. It displays a weekly view, with a simple click-and-type interface.

TeuxDeux is designed around my personal work-flow and preference of how I like my to-do’s organized. As I pretty much ‘live’ in the browser, I have it set to be my homepage, so, every time I open a browser window (which is every few minutes) I am being hit over the head with what I need to get done, which has proven to be very effective.

Via Tina Roth [developers] blog.

Along with the web site, they also have an iPhone application which will cost you $2.99. I’m a heavy user, so I thought the purchase of the application was well justified. And just like the website, the iPhone app is similarly well designed.

Conclusion: Teux Deux is a very efficient and effective way of managing mini tasks, or your entire day. A definite check out.

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