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Picture of a tiny tree.

Tiny Tree

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3888 Photos Captured Over One Year Condensed Into One Image

3888 Photos Captured Over One Year Condensed Into One Image Eirik Solheim has taken exactly 3888 pictures and then edited them into one image. This picture is pretty neat, and personally I can not tell if this image was taken in the same location [looks like a forest] or in a changing location. Images from january are on the left, and the end of the year on the right. And it is missing night time shots [my guess is the thin night bands wouldn’t look good].

Check out the large version by clicking on the image.

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Cool Portraits [IoD]

Today’s images of the day [IoD] consist of two awesome portraits. One of them has a cat.
Untitled by Oleg Ermak
Untitled by Polina Violent

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