What you should know

Eating Sharks is an awesome blog bringing you all kinds of epic things from all around the interwebs. It has nothing to do with actually eating sharks. Even though, that is the activity I take part on Tuesdays with my mates from flute camp.

If blogs were condiments … this blog would be ketchup.

Basically this means that Eating Sharks is your one stop shop for epic stories and news. So @follow us or subscribe to our RSS feed, other wise we will order our secret squad of midgets to hunt you down and beat you up with badminton rackets…
So far we have summoned 9 angry midgets. The consequences have been lethal to say the least. We were told that Sean from 5 days ago [currently in the hospital because he refused to subscribe to our feed] has regained basic brain functions. The doctors tell us that’s a good sign.

We promise to bring you brilliant content.
Stay awesome,



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